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  1. Le respect du RGPD, lol

    Cet article raconte comment mes différentes demandes de droits d'accès à mes données personnelles auprès de PayPal sont restées lettre morte pendant 7 mois.

    J'ai tellement été ennuyé par cette histoire que j'ai décidé d'en faire un article blog, moi qui n'ai pourtant jamais trop eu la passion de l'écriture …

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  2. A simple lost RC beacon (part 2)

    Published: Thu 26 September 2013
    By zer0

    In News.

    tags: news

    Following the previous article, I will continue to explain how our lost RC beacon works, especially the firmware of the receiver module. At the end of the post, a video shows how to find a lost RC model in real conditions.

    Filtering noise on receiver module

    Let's recap the main …

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  3. A simple lost RC beacon (part 1)

    With some friends, we play with RC planes, especially FPV (First Person Viewer): the RC model has a camera that transmits the video over radio, received and displayed in goggles, as if we were in the plane! But this hobby can be risky, we sometimes crash the plane, and unfortunately …

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  4. New album of Marker Beacon

    A small post to talk about my heavy metal band Marker Beacon: we just released our first album today called "Dead Frequencies", and it is licenced under the Creative Commons licence (BY-SA 3.0).

    Marker Beacon CD

    Feel free to download it and drop us a message on the guestbook if you like …

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