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My projects

I’m the maintener of Aversive, which is a development framework for Atmel AVR microcontrolers. The goal of this project is to provide libraries for interfacing with AVR hardware or external devices. For instance, using the UART with Aversive is the same for on each AVR device. We also develop some generic libraries that are not really hardware-dependent (motor control, robot positioning, crypto, ...). You can contact us at avr-list@droids-corp.org.

From 2001 to 2010, I have been taking part in Eurobot, a robotic contest. I’m a member of Microb Technology since 2004: together we won the championship in 2005 (Europe only), 2009 (France & Europe) and 2010 (France).

I also developed Sebek for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD with Pierre Lalet and Arnaud Ebalard for my end of studies project (2004).

More recently, I worked on a quick and dirty (but however useful) script diff2html to convert a unified diff into an html file.

More about me

I’m an ENSEIRB engineer, and I work at 6WIND since december 2004.

I play guitar in a band : Marker Beacon